Training Indonesians for Transition to Institutional Programs

It was discovered that there was a wide gap for young Papuans who wished to develop their skills and to be able to continue their education. It brought an idea to Dr. Brantley and John Lamera to create a training program that would help Papuans narrow the gap. The first class of TITIP began in 1999.
TITIP seeks to identify and train Indonesians who have leadership qualities and wish to invest their lives in serving others. Through academic and spiritual training, the TITIP teachers and mentors strive to help the students begin to realize their potential and develop realistic life goals. Through the curriculum, students may obtain a level of confidence that allow them to believe their goals are attainable. TITIP provides the opportunity for students to develop proficiency in English as well as other skills, knowledge, and attitudes necessary for their success in higher education or advanced technical training in Indonesia or abroad.

The purpose of TITIP

TITIP's original purpose was “to see Papuan young adults get better preparation to get further education inside or outside of Papua.” TITIP is training people to become qualified and motivated leaders.
The program hopes to prepare leaders who are well-educated and who can teach, train, and facilitate development in all sectors of life: mental, spiritual, social, economic, and physical. TITIP selects and prepares motivated Papuans who are committed to acquiring a degree, skill or trade and using it to help their people. Additionally, TITIP prepares motivated Papuans to help the people in the villages of Papua by facilitating education, income generation projects, and healthful living.

How TITIP accomplish the purpose?

TITIP has grown from five subjects (English, Math, Character Building, Critical Thinking and Small Business) to many more, such as Community Development, Nutrition, Sports, Spiritual Formation, Economics, Computers, Typing, etc. TITIP students also enjoy many other extra-curricular activities, like “homestay” with the Western families, “fun night” with special guests, and participating in sports at Hillcrest International School. Additionally, TITIP hosts many workshops, some of these include BCP (Belajar Cara Papua/ Learning that Lasts), Musical Instrument Building, Music and Drama for Development and many more.